Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ About Adir Global Protection Plans

  1. How is AGP Plus different from AGP Basic?
    AGP Plus offers the same benefits as AGP Basic with the exception that with AGP + offers product replacement. When a customer enrolls in AGP+ their purchases will be covered for up to 36 months after purchase.
  2. With product replacement are there items that are not covered?
    Yes, items valued at less than $50, accessories, clothes, and other non-perishables good are not eligible for replacement under AGP Plus.
  3. If a customer has AGP+ and their product was stolen do they submit an AGP form or a Response Indemnity?
    When a customer wants to submit a claim for stolen property for products purchased on accounts: 00, 99’, or 50’s and they have AGP+ they will submit a insurance claim using the Response Indemnity form and not an AGP form.
  4. Are the forms for Response Indemnity different if the customer has AGP+ and will be submitting a claim?
    No, the same form that is used for claims that are for purchases done under installments.
  5. Where can I find the AGP Plus Declaration and AGP Plus Disclosure?
    The AGP Plus Declaration and AGP Plus Disclosure can be found under Paperless Documents on the AR. They look similar to the Insurance and Insurance Disclosure for property insurance bought under installments.
  6. When a claim is submitted a copy of the invoice must be submitted also, for purchases under sub accounts 00, 99, and 50’s the copy of the invoice that the customer and that we can see on Paperless is only in the form of a long receipt, is sending a copy of this sufficient?
    Yes, unlike purchases done on installment accounts where the invoice is a sheet detailing all items, balance of the subaccount, and fixed payments that gets faxed with purchases on 00, 99, and 50’s the invoice that resembles a long receipt is what you would fax as proof of purchase.
  7. For how long are purchases protected?
    After the one-time enrollment AGP+ will protect all their purchases for up to 36 months or until till their account reaches a zero balance whichever comes first.
  8. Can a customer enrolled in AGP+ buy additional property insurance on purchases done under sub accounts 00, 99, and 50s?
    No, additional property insurance cannot be purchased on purchases done under sub accounts 00, 99, and 50’s since their enrollment under AGP+ has the product replacement benefit built in. Additional property insurance can only be bought on purchases done under installment accounts, that are 01-09, and they must be enrolled in AGP Basic.
  9. If a customer enrolled in AGP+ submits a claim and is approved, does that mean their balance will be cancelled?
    No, customers with AGP+ who submit a claim for stolen property and are approved will receive a product replacement only; their balance will not be cancelled.
  10. Where can a customer call to find out more about their claim?
    A customer may follow up with their claim by calling the following number: 1.800.888.2738, extension 8391 Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (EST).
  11. If a customer submits a claim and their account is currently late can they still go ahead and submit a claim?
    Yes, they may do so; however the customer needs to be reminded that they need to put their account up to date. If they submit a claim and it is approved they will not be able to do a reselection until their account is up to date.
  12. If a customer is enrolled in AGP+ and they make an additional purchase on subaccount 01 and do not buy additional property insurance can they receive the product replacement benefit on the purchase?
    No, if a purchase is done under any installment sub accounts and no additional property insurance is purchase and the customer is enrolled in AGP+ their purchase is not covered for product replacement; in cases like that the customer may submit an AGP Activation form along with a full and in detail police report.

FAQ about AGP Plan , how the plan works- Activations

  1. How much time does the activation process take?
    We guarantee your account will be completely up to date within 24-72 hours after receiving your Application, Valid documentation and you’ve paid the Protection plan fees.
  2. Why do I have to pay the fee when I need to activate if I have been paying for it already?
    Protection Plan fees will generate on your account based on the month where your account was eligible for payment suspension benefit, there for upon requesting assistance a minimum payment for the Protection plan fee will be requested.
  3. Why does AGP only cover me for one month at a time?
    Adir Global Protection can only assist you with one month at a time because our Application form is only Valid for 30 days or One full monthly payment on your account.
  4. Why do I have to provide proof every time I activate?
    Valid documentation is requested each time you activate your protection plan because the event you apply for needs to have occurred during the month you’re requesting assistance.
  5. Can I combine my events per year?
    Yes you may combine different events per year to accumulate our maximum of 6 consecutive months of benefit; you will be required to present valid documentation of each event you choose to activate for.
  6. Why didn’t my protection plan go into effect when I got late on my accounts?
    Our finance department does its best to communicate with our customers whose accounts are past due, if your account is enrolled in Adir Global Protection, you will be notified by the Finance Agent about your enrollment and transferred to our Department to immediately provide assistance to you.
  7. Can I activate for common bills (i.e. Rent, W&P, and Phone)?
    Common month to month bills are not covered by Adir Global Protection, however we do cover unexpected Expenses. Any expense that is not calculated into your common monthly household bills can be covered.
  8. I cancelled my protection plan can I still activate?
    Unfortunately, once your enrollment has been cancelled, you are no longer eligible to receive the benefit. But don’t let that discourage you; you are always more than welcome to re-enroll into AGP.
  9. I submitted an application but haven’t received any information regarding this activation request why?
    We guarantee one of our agents will contact you within 24 hours after receiving your application form. If you have not received any notification from our behalf please give us a call @ (800) 784-5178.
  10. I already submitted an application and I’m trying to pay my fee online but it won’t let me.
    To make the payment for the AGP fees online you must select the Pay Another Amount option and enter the specific amounts that are being requested. Please refer to your Curacao account statement for details on the AGP fees to be paid.
  11. What if I am unable to go to the store to submit my application?
    If you are unable to go to the store or would rather take care of activating your protection plan from the comfort of your own home, log in to;, or give us a call. We can send the application form via Email, Fax or USPS.
  12. Why do I have to provide proof if I am telling the truth?
    We trust our customers the same way they trust us to take care of their account and maintain it in good standing, however since we are dealing with sensitive information, we require documentation to be provided to validate the event occurred during the month your activating for.
  13. How can I activate my protection plan?
    To activate your protection plan, you must meet the following requirements:
    • Fill out Application Form.
    • Provide Valid Documentation of Your Event.
    • Pay Protection Plan Fees.
    The Entire Activation process can be done at any Curacao Location or Via our Online Website
  14. I stopped by the store to submit my application yesterday and haven’t received any information why
    The activation process takes up to 72 hours. If there is any need for additional information an Adir Global Protection representative will contact you immediately.
  15. Can I make purchases while activating my protection plan?
    Purchases are based on your credit availability and even though AGP does not have restrictions based on purchases while you’re requesting assistance, keep in mind that a payment after the purchase might be required.

FAQ- Adir Global Protection plan – about Enrollments

  1. Why are customers being enrolled without their consent?
    Enrollments to Adir Global Protection cannot be done without valid authorization from the rightful account owner. Valid authorization will be in either a physical signature or a recorded voice call if enrollment was done through telesales.
  2. What if I don’t want to enroll today?
    AGP Enrollment is not mandatory, or contract based, so take your time, think about the great benefits we offer, and when you’re ready give us a call or visit us at your nearest Curacao store to enroll your account.
  3. Is there a charge for the enrollment?
    There are no hidden fees or Charges for enrolling your account in Adir Global Protection.
  4. Can I receive the benefits immediately?
    Adir Global Protection requires that all customers be enrolled for 30 consecutive days & make a first full monthly payment along with the corresponding Protection Plan fee before you can be awarded with the benefit of payment suspension.
  5. Why do I have to wait 30 days?
    Within those 30 days, the first fee will generate to be paid along with your first full monthly payment after enrollment.
  6. Why was I enrolled by phone when I only wanted information?
    Any changes made to your account are only made with valid authorization from the account owner; in this case the call is audited to verify the integrity and approval of the customer to be enrolled in order to receive the “Welcome Letter
  7. The customer enrolled with days past due and he already made his first payment after the enrollment why is AGP requesting another payment?
    Since the customer enrolled with days past due the payment that was made was the payment due prior to the enrollment. All enrollments need a 30 day grace period and the monthly payment after that included the first AGP fee being charged.
  8. Can enroll if my merchandise was already stolen?
    You can certainly enroll at any time but keep in mind the merchandise stolen prior to your enrollment will not be covered under the debt cancellation. You will however have coverage for future purchases and the full account balance is covered for debt suspension.
  9. Why can’t I enroll after the merchandise has been stolen?
    You can enroll at any time but Adir Global protection does not cover for pre-existing event and requires a 30 day grace period after the enrollment.
  10. Does AGP cancel my payments if I am unemployed?
    The protection plan will suspend your monthly payments for up 6 months per year.
  11. How can I enroll to AGP?
    You can enroll at any Curacao location, via telesales, customer service or the Adir Global Protection department.
  12. Does enrolling in AGP basic replace my merchandise if stolen?
    Adir global protection Basic does not replace the merchandise but it can cancel the balance of the merchandise stolen if terms and conditions are met, unless a separate Property Insurance Policy is added on at time of purchase.
  13. If I enroll in AGP basic can I cancel the balance if the merchandise gets damaged?
    Balance cancellation benefit for merchandise is only awarded for stolen property with forced entry.
  14. What if I said no, but I was still enrolled?
    All enrollments into Adir Global Protection require Valid Authorization from the rightful account owner.
  15. What if I signed but was not informed that I was being enrolled?
    AGP fees are included in your monthly statement on a monthly basis to make our customer aware of the service charge.

FAQ- Adir Global Protection Plan – about Cancellations

  1. Do I have to keep the protection plan during my credit with Curacao?
    The protection plan is optional and can be cancelled at any time, However please keep in mind once cancellation of service occurs, Adir Global Protection will no longer be able to offer Coverage for your account.
  2. How can I cancel the service?
    For your convenience we have several ways to cancel:
    In person: At any Curacao location
    Customer Service: 877-287-2226
  3. I had cancelled a few days ago, why are there still fees in my accounts?
    Any fees that were generated on your account prior to the cancellation date are customer’s responsibility to pay. We can guarantee that no additional fees will generate onto your account after your cancellation date.
  4. Is there a fee for cancelling?
    There are no additional fees or charges for cancelling the service.
  5. Will I receive a refund for the fees I already paid?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to credit the fees paid due to valid authorization to enroll. Rest assured that no additional fees will generate as of your cancellation date.
  6. Why do I have to pay for fees due after me cancelling today?
    The pending fees were generated and included in your monthly account statement before cancellation.
  7. Is there a way for to cancel the protection plan for my spouse account?
    For security purposes we are unable to cancel any services pertaining to a different account holder. If your spouse would like for you to make any changes to his/her account you can be added as a co-applicant at the credit department.
  8. If I cancel today can I re-enroll later?
    Yes, the protection plan is optional and you can certainly enroll later
  9. Does cancelling AGP affect my credit limit with Curacao?
    Adir Global Protection does not affect or influence your credit limit.
  10. Does cancelling AGP affect the warranty I purchased?
    Cancellation of Adir Global Protection does not affect any warranties or extended warranties purchased for your merchandise.

FAQ- Adir Global Protection Plan – about Reactivation

  1. I filled out an application but I only got assisted for one month, why is my account late?
    Adir Global Protection requires for an Application Form to be submitted on a month to month basis.
  2. Do I have to go to the store every month to reactivate?
    No, we can send you the application form by email, fax, or acquire it at our website
  3. Can I use the same documents as last month?
    Valid documentation is required for every application form submitted. Any documentation provided needs to be within a 30 day period.
  4. Can I send all my application forms at the same time?
    One Application form per month is required. If more than one is submitted at the same time, they will be accounted as one.
  5. What if I cannot provide proof?
    We definitely understand your situation and are more than willing to find the best way to assist you. You can submit your application with the documentation you do have available for review.
  6. Do I have to pay the AGP fees every time I submit an application?
    Yes, the minimum payment to be requested are the protection plan fees
  7. Is the fee a charge for the application?
    No, there is no charge for the application or requesting of the benefits. The fee is your monthly service charge for the protection plan coverage.
  8. I was told I can re-activate up to 6 months.
    The benefits range from 1 to 6 months depending on the event, the maximum amount of payment suspension per year are 6 consecutive months.
  9. How can I reactivate my protection plan?
    You can reactivate your protection plan by following the process as you have in the past; Submit an application form, valid documentation of event and payment of protection plan fees are required on a month to month basis.
  10. What if my event happened last month but I still need to activate 1 more month?
    You may submit any documentation to be reviewed by our staff, if we require any additional information an Adir Global Protection Representative will contact you.

FAQ About Payments

  1. Am I allowed to make payments online that are different amounts than my monthly payment?
    Yes, if you are up to date you may pay for example just their AGP fee, more than their minimum monthly payment, or even their whole balance. However, if you are past due you will only be able to pay the required monthly payment or more.
  2. The customer accidentally selected to pay their whole balance and would like a refund for the extra amount they paid; can a refund be done?
    In cases like this they are reviewed and the refund is approved for the whole amount; as there are no partial refunds. A full refund is made, the payment due date will be set back to date original due date, and the customer will need to redo their payment for the proper amount.
  3. Sometimes the customer will believe that their online payment had not gone through and will re-make their payment. Can they get a refund for their second payment?
    Yes, in cases like this when a customer does a double payment a refund for the second payment is allowed. However, we suggest that to avoid this customers allow a couple of extra minutes for the processing and for a confirmation number to be provided.
  4. If a customer set up recurring payments through their bank how are those payments received and processed at Curacao?
    Customer who set up recurring payment through their banks have a monthly check generated for the specified amount which is sent to us via standard mail. Those checks upon being received are processed to the account on the same day they are received.
  5. Are check ever sent back to the customer?
    Yes, in some cases checks are sent back to customer for various reasons, such as if the check was sent without a signature, blank, the payment is for more than what is owed, or the check arrives to us damaged and we cannot process it we send them back to the customer with a letter explaining to them the reason for their payment being returned.
  6. A customer states that they mailed a check but doesn’t want us to process it can that check be stopped?
    This is something we cannot guarantee as we receive hundreds of checks on a daily basis making it difficult to find a specific check among all our regular mail. This is why we encourage our customers to send us checks with all the correct information like amount, date, and account number for processing.
  7. What happens when a check is sent to and it is dated one week from the day received?
    When a check is received for a future date that check will not be processed until the date stated on it.
  8. What happens to checks dated for dates such as holidays or Saturday and Sunday?
    In cases where the checks are dated on a holiday we process those the day before, for example if the check is dated on December 25 a day which our offices are closed all checks for that date are processed on December 24. Now for checks dated for days that fall on a Saturday or Sunday those checks are processed on Friday.
  9. Customer says they sent a check for their monthly payment and that it reflects as cashed on their bank account but does not reflect on their Curacao account; what can be done to locate that payment?
    In cases like that the customer would need to inform us for how much the check was for, the check number, and a date range for when it was sent to us. If the customer has online access they may also be able to view a copy of their check where they can see when the check was processed and by whom. Once we have that information we can run a report to see if any checks matching that description is located in our system and if so where it was posted to.
  10. What happens when a customer sends a check and cash for their monthly payment?
    All payment sent to us must be done in the form of checks and/or money orders. Cash is not to be sent; any cash received will be returned along with an envelope for the customer to send the appropriate method of payment.
  11. Can a customer request a refund on a payment done via mail? For example, the payment left the customer with a balance in favor of $20.
    Yes, they may, however 10 business days need to have passed for the check to clear for the customer to put in a request for the refund. Refunds are issued by Accounts Payable and it will take from 7 to 10 business day for its processing; this is why we encourage all our customers to send the right amount.
  12. Customer made a payment, received a confirmation email and notice at the time of payment about an hour ago, and it is visible only Admin but it’s get to reflect on their account.
    Payments are posted at real time however, there are times when payments take a while for them to reflect on the AR due to heavy traffic on dates that match the billing cycle.
  13. Is there a fee associated with making payments online?
    If the customer is currently enrolled in paperless billing there is no fee associated with making any online payments, however if the customer is not enrolled in paperless there is a $0.95 third party processing fee associated with payments done online. This is why we encourage customers to take advantage of enrolling in paperless.
  14. A chargeback is shown on the customer’s account and the customer does not see it reflected back on the bank statement? When will their money be issued back to them?
    A Charge back is not money being issued back to the customer’s account; rather it is money the customer owns us due to their bank not releasing their funds to our account. This occurs when either the customer did not have sufficient funds when the transactions was settled, the customer voided the payment with their bank, or customer is disputing amount, a charge back is a payment that was promised but never done.
  15. Customer made payment via their online banking and their statement shows there check was processed on May 14 however it was not posted on to their Curacao account until May 18. He wants to know why there is gap between days.
    When a customer does their payment via E-Billing they set up for their banks to generate and send us a check on the day they program it, which in this case it would have been May 14, they are sent to us via standard mail meaning we received it and processed it on May 18.

FAQ About Property Insurance

  1. Where does the client go to submit a property insurance claim?
    A customer can stop by any of our stores and at the credit department they will fill out the form for their lost property item(s).
  2. Can a claim be submitted via online?
    Though to the fact that a signature is needed at the time of submitting a claim online submission of a claim is not possible.
  3. What does the customer need to submit along the insurance form?
    Along with a fully filled out claims form the customer will need to provide a full and legible police report that details how the lost occurred, and a copy of their identification card.
  4. Along with what the customer provides what else must be included in the paperwork submitted from our side?
    A copy of the invoice, the certificate and disclosure of insurance, and section C of the form must be filled out with listing the items being claimed along with their corresponding replacement cost.
  5. How many Insurance providers do we currently have and is there a possibility that a customer can have more multiple polices with the various providers?
    We currently have 2 Property Insurance providers: American Bankers for purchases made before May 31, 2014 and Response Indemnity for purchases made on or after June 1, 2014. And yes, it is possible for a customer to have multiple policies with the 2 providers depending on when their purchase was done.
  6. Once we have all the documents that are required where do we send them?
    Once you have all the documents you will fax them to the following number: 904.350.1599 then you will make a copy of all the documents that were faxed and place them in an enveloped addressed to the provider that the customer will send via standard mail. Remind the customer that is their responsibility to mail it.
  7. If a customer does not have a California identification card what may they submit as a form of identification?
    We understand not all our customers have a California issued identification card which is why a customer may submit a copy of their B document card or a copy of their passport.
  8. Does a customer need to provide a police report when submitting a claim?
    Yes, a customer needs to provide a full and legible police report when submitting a claim. If at the time of the customer filling out a claim they do not have a police report they may still fill out the forms and submit it with all other additional documentation, however you will have to let the customer know that they will still need to provide the report to the examiner at the insurance provider.
  9. How long does the process of a claim being set up take and for the customer to know their outcome?
    All claims are different; there are claims that take about 5 business days or less for the customer to know the outcome of their claim when all the property documentation is submitted. When a customer does not submitted all the required and follow up with their claims it can take a longer time.
  10. Is there a site for the customer to follow up with their claim?
    Unfortunately, there is no site but they may follow up with their claim by calling the following number: 1.800.888.2738, extension 8391 Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (EST).
  11. How will a customer know when they need to provide additional documentation?
    If additional documentation is need the customer will receive a letter informing them of the necessary documentation that is being required and to where to submit it. In some cases a customer will also receive a call from the examiner requesting the additional information.
  12. What happens when a customer's claim is approved?
    When a customer is approved they will receive a letter letting them know that their claim has been approved and that they may stop by any of our stores to receive their replacement item(s).
  13. If a customer has moved out of state while their claim was in processed and was approved for reselection, what can be done in cases like that?
    If a customer is approved for reselection and has recently moved out of state or lives to far away from a store they must notify us for us to find a mean to assist them in reselecting their items via online. However, while we try to all cases are reviewed individually to see if they do qualify to reselect via online.
  14. What happens when a claim is closed or denied? Can a customer do anything about this outcome?
    While it is unfortunate for a claim to be closed or denied in many cases a claim is closed it is due to of lack of activity, either the customer did not provide a full police report after various requests or additional information was not provided by the customer; in cases were a claim is denied it is because the examiner has determined there is not enough evidence of force or a result of burglary. When either of these scenarios occur and the customer is not satisfied with the outcome they may reopen a claim by submitting the required documentation or by appealing which must be done in writing by them, identifying all issues regarding the denial, and providing any documentation which supports their appeal, along with a copy of the letter sent to them to the insurance provider for review.
  15. How will the associate assisting the customer know if they were approved and for how much?
    When a customer is approved for reselection notes are posted on the Customer Service Log; the notes will indicate for which invoice the claim was submitted and what is the credit amount available for reselection.
  16. If the item for which they were approved is no longer available or the customer wants to get a new model are they allowed to select the different model?
    Yes, if the item for which they were approved for is no longer available or they choose to select a new model they may do so. However, they will need to pay any price difference if the newer item cost more than the item they were approved for.
  17. If a customer has a subaccount 50 and is currently only enrolled in AGP Basic are they allowed to purchase additional insurance on their purchase?
    For the customer to have the benefits of product replacement benefits on any 00, 99, or 50’s account the customer must be enrolled in AGP+ for their products to be covered. Additional property insurance is only allowed to be purchase at the time of the initial purchase on sub-accounts 01-09 while enrolled in AGP Basic and AGP+.
  18. Can a customer renew their insurance policy?
    Policies are only valid for the period indicated on the Certificate of Insurance or until their balance reaches a zero balance whichever comes first.
  19. Customer claims they received a letter informing them of their insurance policy being cancelled, could their policy have been cancelled?
    In cases where an account goes past due 60 days’ policies are automatically cancelled and the remaining portion of the policy gets credited to their account. Once this happens a policy cannot be reactivated.
  20. If a customer is approved for reselection but has neglected to continue making payments what must be done in order for a customer to be allowed to reselect?
    A customer must first put their account up to date with payment in order to make their reselection, there will be no exceptions made.

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